Youth Ministries

Mission Statement

For all the below youth ministries: To bring praise dancing back into the church as a true form of praise and worship!  To hunger for a deeper relationship with God and to hunger for a deeper desire to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through all forms of dancing.

UBC Flag

Using flags are for "Spiritual Warfare" and were symbolic in the Old Testament,

Flag Colors are:

Gold - Divine Nature, God's Glory, Deity, Refining Fire

Red - Blood of Jesus, Fire of God, Sacrifice, Blood Atonement, Life, Courage

White - Peace, Purity, Surrender, Holiness, Light, Righteousness, Triumph

Blue - Holy Spirit, Healing, Heaven, Reward, Divine Revelation

Purple - Authority, Royalty, Kingship

Total Praise Dancers

There are different forms of dance, but we typically do Congregational dancing. Congregational Dance should always be about Glorifying the Lord Jesus. It is not a fun activity or exercise. (Your weight, others approval etc...Should not matter) It should never be done to draw attention to ourselves. I believe that others know and will know if we are dancing for the "Lord" or for "Show". (Psalms 139:23, 24) Our clothing and our heart/attitudes must be right. Our heart must be right above all. JESUS looks in our hearts. He KNOWS our "Heart" and "Intentions".  We are going forth, in front of others, therefore we need to be rooted, grounded and "Committed" to spend time with the Lord every single day!

God's No Limit Soldiers

Many youth come to us shy and insecure and become confident and outgoing individuals. It began with singing. Brothers would gather as a squad and sing. They eventually graduated to dancing and from there stepping. We are now stepping for Christ. This all goes along with the Praise Dancing.  We are still dancing for Christ.  You need to have that same yearning to dance for Him.  Remember the vitality of our relationship with God is the foundation upon which movement and dance rests and is expressed.

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Unspoken Praise Ministry

For more information, or if you would like this ministry to perform at your next event, please contact:
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